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some things never change

Rintori: Nitori finds himself 100x more attracted to Rin when his hair is in a ponytail but Rin doesn't know (yet)


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“I’m going to go out for a run, you wanna go?” Rin asked his roommate.

Nitori looked up from his homework and blushed, seeing that Rin’s hair was in a ponytail, “I still have homework to do, senpai, sorry!”

“I told you ‘Rin’ is fine,” Rin mumbled, kissing the boy on the forehead, “I’ll be back soon.”

Ever since Nitori had first met Rin there was no denying that he found him utterly attractive, but there was something about Rin’s hair in a ponytail that made his heart pound and feel lightheaded.

It had been a couple of months since the younger boy confessed to his roommate. He was surprised when his senpai returned the feelings.It was still something different for Nitori; he was still getting flustered whenever Rin kissed him or put an arm around him. He was still shy about the relationship, and Rin was okay with that.

Though this time Nitori wanted to be the bold one. Seeing Rin sport this ponytail turned him on so much, he just needed to kiss him and tug at his hair. He moaned at the thought and ran a hand through his hair. He hoped Rin wasn’t going to take too long on his run.

Rin came back about a half an hour later, “Hey Ai, you wanna go grab something to eat after I take a-”

Nitori backed him up against the door and kissed him hard; he stood on his toes so he could wrap his arms around his neck, one hand pulling on his ponytail lightly.

“Where is this coming from?” Rin asked between kisses. He was about to take out his ponytail so Nitori could rin his hands through his hair but his wrist was grabbed before he could.

“No, leave it in,” Nitori whispered against Rin’s lips before leading him to his bed.

Rin decided that he would wear his hair in a ponytail more often.


Found this ad in a Nickelodeon magazine from 2004.


Found this ad in a Nickelodeon magazine from 2004.


that you’re no good for me
but you’re the only one I see


still trash. forever trash. ☆~(ゝ。∂)

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The Samezuka relay team is so (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄


Small reminder that Rin won in Rock-Paper-Scissors



No idea if this has been mentioned before, but Missing Kings also had several stage greetings featuring either some of the voice actors, Angela or Gora members (Red, Blue, Green). No actual spoilers for the movie.

a sequel was decided upon when the show had just started airing; Gora were both surprised and worried the sales wouldn’t warrant a continuation, but also grateful since the show would leave a lot of plot threads hanging

〆everyone contributed to the story; among them - Red (Kuroh & Yukari, Kuroh & Neko), Blue (battle scenes), Pink (Suoh, Totsuka & Anna), Green (general scenario composition)

〆Green is usually in charge of Suoh and Kusanagi, Pink of Totsuka; also, since Pink is also in charge of Homura, the group gained a warm, “at home” atmosphere

〆apparently Blue had to be reminded he was also in charge of Kukuri; he made her after his type of girl and at some point was wondering whether to kill her or not, but she was pretty charming, so he let her live

〆everyone from Gora loves Yata and Kamamoto; also, Kamamoto initially had Akagi’s position (including the A), but he had plenty of scenes, so he became a supporting character

〆Yata is common property, so they can make him do whatever they want, especially since he’s a very easy to understand character; Suoh, on the other hand, had to be handled properly, so when Blue was about to make him do anything strange, he’d be double-checked by Green

〆Suoh had a different personality in the beginning; he was more cheerful, but because of the story development there were no scenes left to show this, so the trait was inherited by Totsuka, who, in turn, had no actual character. He was only known as “the dead man”, but eventually became the clan’s bright side

〆at first, Kuroh was Terminator-like, so seeing him meticulously cook like that was interesting; his character did change from the initial plans though

〆another big change was Munakata: in the beginning, he was a serious middle management type of man with gentle manners and a strong sense of justice, but the voice actor’s performance influenced his character

Orange was in charge of the ninja, but refused to add typical ninja slang to the character’s lines (nin nin, archaisms); to check this trope, the writers went to Nikko Edomura to see a ninja show and the first thing the performers said were exactly those words. He still didn’t change a thing

the anime’s concept never changed (started from the confrontation between two kings) but Weismann changing places with the Colourless king was proposed by Orange midway, so they wrote the story from that.

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Sugawara Koushi may not be a parent in a biological sense, but he certainly is the mommy of these baby crows.
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